Wednesday, March 14, 2012

baby name game three: the rules

so yes, i know we're totally late in posting this. bryan has been taking his sweet, sweet time in agreeing with me on a boy's name. turns out, with a bit of practice under our belts, we are much better and more in sync when it comes to naming girls. anyway, though it was looking pretty bleak there for awhile, we have finally managed to come to a consensus on both a name for baby boy wheeler and a name for baby girl wheeler.

and now, for the game!

this is really one of my favorite parts of being pregnant. i love hearing the names my family and friends come up with, and i have always loved a wee bit of competition. as a review for our new as well as seasoned players, here are baby name games one (winner: christina s.) and two (winner: nancy p.).

because we opted not to discover the gender of our unborn child until, well, he or she is born, we've decided to set up baby name game three a little bit differently. it'll come in two parts, so bear with me.  the first part (here), we'll discuss the rules of play.  the second part (posted tomorrow), will be the actual game.

so, first things first: the rules.

  • tomorrow, march 15, at 10:00am PT, we will post a list of 25 girl's names and 25 boy's names. about two-thirds of these names will be ones we actually considered, while the rest will just be thrown in for kicks and giggles and decoys, and of course, one of the names (for each gender) will be the one we finally settled on. your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to correctly sift through the myriad choices and correctly guess baby wheeler's name.

  • each player will submit by comment either on the blog or on our facebook accounts their moniker guesses: one for a boy and one for a girl. 
          here is an example submission:
         1) john
         2) julie
  • the reason we decided to post the rules of engagement before the actual play is because this will be a time sensitive game. we will count as the winner-winner-chicken-dinner only the first person to correctly guess the name for the gender that the baby actually turns out to be (lest you fret: all other persons who correctly guess said name will be runners up, and depending on how generous we're feeling, may not leave the ring empty-handed and will certainly earn bragging rights). however, if you happen to guess correctly the right name for the wrong gender, i'm sorry, we've got nothin' for ya, and you'll probably never even know.

  • i haven't decided yet what our readers will be playing for, but it'll likely be some kind of gift certificate, and i promise it'll be worth the fifteen seconds it takes to play the game.

  • and, as always, because i consider this more of a personal blog than anything else, we have to actually know folks in order for their guesses to count.


is this complicated enough yet?

okay! let's get started then! see you tomorrow, march 15, at 10:00am PT!!

and may the odds be ever in your favor...

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