Monday, November 14, 2016

Sunday, November 06, 2016

nine years old

summer girl is nine years old today. 

here's what sister afton has to say about the companion she's known all her life:

"summer is kind and pretty. she likes to share. i like to play legos with her and sometimes we play doobie and weeo (it's a game we made up). weeo is what doobie calls his sister, who is emi. and doobie has a pet frog named froggers. one of summer's favorite colors is seafoam green. summer is a good artist. summer's favorite food is pizza bites. i think her favorite book is harry potter. we like to talk about stuff at night. i love my sister."

summer is easy to love. she is happy and upbeat (even when she wakes up in the morning!), she is obedient and caring to others. she laughs when you're laughing and hugs you when you need it. as far as ringleaders go, this crazy crew of ours couldn't have asked for a better one.

happy birthday to our girl with the sunny name and the sunny smile and the sunny heart who just so happens to take her eggs sunny side up :) 

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

there's waldo

hi, friends! 

my name is waldo.

i'm just setting off on a worldwide hike.


you can come too.

all you have to do is come find me.

wow! what a search!


*dallin had the best day EVER trick or treating downtown. he was nonstop chattering to everyone we met and kept chirping, "look! it's star wars! hi star wars!" "look! it's a princess! hi princess!" "look it's batman! hi batman!" "look! it's a baby! hi baby!" (to all the real babies out there).

*we were amused by how often our gaggle was used as a landmark for fellow trick or treaters. phone call: "uh, yeah, we're outside the coffee shop. behind the waldos."

*we didn't anticipate how many times folks would say to us, "we found waldo!" or "waldo! we found you!" we obviously should have seen that coming but totally didn't. the kids were a bit surprised by all the attention. 

*my amazingly talented friend, melanie, crocheted all the waldo hats for me. she used to think her husband had the biggest head. until bryan.

*i found and ordered a vintage woof plush (waldo's dog) that was supposed to be the cherry on top for our costumes. it'll be here november 5th...

*i never want to see another can of red spray paint as long as i live.

*the wizard's name is whitebeard.

happy halloween!