Sunday, June 16, 2019

trout lake hike

this year we celebrated father's day in true bryan fashion with a three-mile family hike and picnic up at trout lake:

as an added bonus, dallin's little legs carried him the whole way (a first for our baby son!)

bryan and i made a little wager beforehand on which of our children would be the first to "fall in" the freezing water. dallin never disappoints.

"stick" was fairly recently inducted in the national toy hall of fame, but "rock" should really be up there, too. pictured are three of the boys' favorite rocks that they found at the lake. which, of course, they named. 

bolobo, cinco, and nico. bolobo is the big one. 

emily, wistfully dreaming of goat yoga, is just as surprised as you are that she got her foot up there. #mckaylamaroneyisnotimpressed. (ps, go here to be seriously impressed.)

happy father's day, bryan! here's to all the great fun and adventures and fresh air and ice cold mountain water that you bring to our family. the sticktoitiveness and the exploration and the love for the great outdoors.

Friday, June 14, 2019

breaking news


Wednesday, June 05, 2019

preschool grad

my baby son is done with preschool and VERY ready to enter kindergarten in the fall. 

he'll be entering the big K as a full-fledged reader (which is absolutely no thanks to me but a testament to this kid's tenacity) and an all-around smart aleck (which could be a little bit thanks to me). 

dallin has had an amazing experience and such great teachers at cottage lake presbyterian. they have dealt with both his absent inner monologue and his steel alloy will in graceful stride.

graduating pre-k in his new favorite rainbow shirt cause rainbows are his jam. if spider-man shot rainbow webs while stealing the infinity stones from thanos, his little baby brain would just explode.

with his buddies, aka, the spunkiest carpool ever. how i'll miss listening in on your early morning "debates" covering such stimulating topics as which of you is the oldest (spoiler alert: it's mia) and which of you loves dinosaurs the most (shocker: it's evan) and selling each other out for who's who in the unbuckled club. (i did appreciate that last bit of information, though.) 

always keep it "class of 2032", kids!

Tuesday, June 04, 2019


on friday, may 24, 2019, our family attended the funeral of bryan's maternal grandmother, anita cook, the first of our four grandmothers to pass away, at age eighty-eight. 

after a lovely service celebrating anita's heritage and posterity, we stopped by the cook family homestead in goshen, idaho to show our children some of the ground from which they grew. 

the barn bryan and his siblings painted red many years ago.

from across the field.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

to the OG mere

circa 1989.

in bloom

     Motherhood isn't creation
I didn't choose your nose, hair, or
     wild disposition
I didn't select what would make you cry
     or the colors you'd be drawn to
I didn't put the sparkle in
     your eyes, or the bells in your laugh
I may have mixed the ingredients
     but I didn't write the recipe.
No, motherhood is not creation
It's the tending of a garden
     knees in the rocky mud
     sweat dripping into eyes under the
     hot but life-giving sun
     a sprinkling of water
     the endless picking of weeds
     guarding against hungry beasts
     joy as the first sprouts appear.
There is no creation in motherhood,
     no ownership
     only stewardship
     and a quiet but profound faith
     that if cared for
     the child will bloom.
                                   --Bunmi Laditan

Sunday, May 05, 2019

nine and thirty blackbirds

on our last day in california, we woke up, packed up, and celebrated the birth of this guy right here:

by heading out to fill up on the BEST acai bowls ever, ever at northside shack in san diego. we were waiting outside (faces pressed up against the glass) five minutes prior to opening in order to fit in one more taste of the deliciousness before our flight home.

you guys, i'm not kidding: northside shack put all the acai bowls we had in hawaii to shame (not to a lot of shame, mind you, but still).

i double-dog dare you to find me one better, and i will happily, happily eat all submitted recommendations on my quest to find the best. #takingonefortheteam (next stop, brazil!) 

this was the only food joint we visited twice on our trip.

(besides in-n-out burger, of course. we're not animals!)

to bryan, who spends all of his birthdays giving his family the very best.

Saturday, May 04, 2019

may the fourth

when caleb decides he wants to "build his own lightsaber" as his disneyland souvenir.

Friday, May 03, 2019

joshua tree national park

as much fun as we had playing at the beach and/or living it up at disneyland, johsua tree national park snuck up on us as the most winningest destination from our trip to california. 

i've been wanting to visit for several years, but every time we head to the golden state, we stay on the coast, and the drive inland to the park just seems a bit too long to make. 

takeaway tip for my fellow coastal visitors: it is not too long to make. 

get thee to the joshua tree. 

checking out the ocotillo:

lunching our way through national parks the way our ancestors did:

cholla cactus:

we may have wandered a bit off the beaten path (and i'm using the word "path" here quite loosely), and bryan got bit by a cholla (dallin did, too, but not nearly as badly).

don't let his smile fool you, that sucker hurts. i performed an emergency extraction. he survived.

our kids could have climbed these rocks for the rest of their lives:

skull rock:

"look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better."
--albert einstein