Monday, September 12, 2016

rewind: evergreen state fair

back before school started, we had our last hurrah at the evergreen state fair. 

if you ever wondered what a "last hurrah" looks like, it's this:

dallin double fisting fries and shoving them into his mouth before caleb can take any.

more fair fun included meeting baby pigs:

ps - afton super hearts the smell of farm animals.

judging sheep competitions:

participating in sheep competitions: 

caleb is mooing, incidentally.

and did we mention the fries?

or the scones?

or the ice cream, maybe? 

emily's very favorite fair treat is the blackberry 
ice cream from the snohomish county dairy women. 

and after uploading all the photos we took at the fair, i was struck anew by 
just how much i must love taking pictures of people eating corn:

honest to goodness, there was never a boy happier 
on this earth than was caleb with his corn:

the end.

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

preschool point two

with shoes so bright, even the camera has trouble capturing their majesty.

first day of pre-k for caleb:

current life philosophy: wear yellow, flash dimples, kick butt, take names.

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

back at it again

school started up today for the wheeler girls!

"clean shoes, big grins, can't lose."

afton in second grade:

summer in third grade:

Friday, September 02, 2016

say hello

to the longest my hair has been in FIFTEEN YEARS.

after more than one person didn't recognize me at back to school night this week, i thought i'd just put this out there: yes, it's me :)  yes, i still know all the words to billy joel's "we didn't start the fire." yes, growing out a pixie cut is like reliving middle school every. single. day. yes, there was this one time i was mistaken for gwen stefani at a grocery store in new mexico. yes, i own way too many flannel button down shirts (90s, baby!) 

and no, i don't know how to use bobby pins (but i stick them around in my hair anyway. for good measure.)

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Saturday, August 27, 2016

new mexico: white sands

another highlight of our vacation in new mexico was a little road trip we took down to white sands national park. we arrived sunday evening in time to play in the dunes after the heat of the day had cooled and before dark. (pretty sure that was the best two hour block of caleb's life.) we went back monday morning, but it was quite hot, so we retreated not too long after ten.

white sands is a really, really amazing natural wonder. spectacular to see and feel--nothing quite like we've ever seen or felt before. and the sleds are a definite *must.*

psst...a shout out to our accommodations, white sands motel, which was a great place to stay. so cool, so hip, so retro, they don't even have a website!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

new mexico: hot air balloon ride

while we were in new mexico, my grandmother, lucile, celebrated her ninety-first birthday. before her ninetieth birthday, she came up with a bucket list of sorts of things she'd like to do. last year, she rode a motorcycle. this year, a hot air balloon!

i do not have a picture of everyone together (face palm!) but our balloon passengers were anna, danton, summer, afton, me, kenny, emme, lucile, matt and beka.

it was an awesome ride and a once in a lifetime experience for sure. 

i got a little shaky in the knees everytime summer looked over the edge (afton and danton were too short, thankfully), but it was otherwise lovely and serene. 

fun fact: we landed at the post office.

the wheeler girls with the birthday lady herself!

helping emme fill the hot air balloon with --you guessed it! -- air :)

up, up and away...

the girls were able to view out of these square openings (used for climbing into the basket).
afton had her ears plugged most of the time because the burner turning on was too loud for her.
(the noise level would oscillate between blissfully quiet and alarmingly loud.)

a room with a view.

a toast to grandma lucile!


thanks, grandma, for letting us share in your awesome day!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

new mexico: ABQ biopark

our first stop in new mexico was the abq biopark. we were only able to visit the botanic gardens and the bugarium, but it was good to let these littles get out and stretch their legs after all the traveling they had done the day before. 

also, the botanic gardens has a railroad garden with a miniature railway the kids can help operate. they played with and watched those trains for probably forty-five minutes (and would have done so longer if their parents hadn't been so hungry and anxious for lunch...)

luke, afton, summer, caleb, danton, dallin
(not pictured: derek and eli)


we didn't pack a stroller for the first time ever.
this munchkin still couldn't quite keep up, so he was toted around like this a lot.

desert flora.

exploring a fish pond.

dad's turn!