Tuesday, November 01, 2016

there's waldo

hi, friends! 

my name is waldo.

i'm just setting off on a worldwide hike.


you can come too.

all you have to do is come find me.

wow! what a search!


*dallin had the best day EVER trick or treating downtown. he was nonstop chattering to everyone we met and kept chirping, "look! it's star wars! hi star wars!" "look! it's a princess! hi princess!" "look it's batman! hi batman!" "look! it's a baby! hi baby!" (to all the real babies out there).

*we were amused by how often our gaggle was used as a landmark for fellow trick or treaters. phone call: "uh, yeah, we're outside the coffee shop. behind the waldos."

*we didn't anticipate how many times folks would say to us, "we found waldo!" or "waldo! we found you!" we obviously should have seen that coming but totally didn't. the kids were a bit surprised by all the attention. 

*my amazingly talented friend, melanie, crocheted all the waldo hats for me. she used to think her husband had the biggest head. until bryan.

*i found and ordered a vintage woof plush (waldo's dog) that was supposed to be the cherry on top for our costumes. it'll be here november 5th...

*i never want to see another can of red spray paint as long as i live.

*the wizard's name is whitebeard.

happy halloween!

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