Wednesday, March 21, 2012


yeah, right.

the phrase "ready or not, here i come," has taken on new meaning for me lately.

and i'm going to have to go with definitely NOT ready.

i haven't packed a hospital bag. i haven't washed (or bought) anything for little miss/ter wheeler. most of my house is booby trapped by boxes, miscellaneous tools/weapons, and various choking hazards. i need to find the infant car seat and put it in the car so that when the time comes, the nice ladies at the hospital will let me take my bebe home. which reminds me, i should probably also find the cradle and/or kick afton out of the crib. and if my breast milk didn't come in on auto pilot, i'm sure i would be behind on that, too.

i'm, like, the only pregnant woman out there praying for forty-two weeks.

forty-one at least ...

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The 'Chard said...

Good luck, Emily! We can't wait to see the little one!