Friday, March 30, 2012

the better to eat you with

ah, my dearest afton.

my beautiful baby girl.

those big green eyes, such soft and squishy cheeks, a cute button nose, wispy blonde hair, sharp teeth.

yes, what lovely little razor-sharp teeth.

teeth, as i discovered this morning, that she has been using to chew through the entire length of the front railing of summer's brand new, one-week-old loft bed.

bite marks and paint chips everywhere.

lucky for afton, she was born to just about the perfectest mother that there is (ha!), and the beginning of our day was subsequently full of singing and smiles (ha HA!) and lots of calm and rational discussion (ha ha HA!) about how biting things in general -- and furniture in particular -- and for heaven's sake, especially the new furniture -- was not appropriate.

also lucky for afton, i let her keep those lovely little teeth.

she just wouldn't be the same without them.

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