Thursday, March 15, 2012

baby name game three: the play

alrighty then, was the anticipation just killing you? are you ready for the lists?

for a review of the rules, go here.

please select only one boy name and only one girl name and submit your selections by comment to this blog post (either on the blog or on facebook). if you choose to make an anonymous blogger comment, please make sure to put your name in the comment as well.

also, we'll be "closing" the game in about two days or so.

good luck!


1. Jared
2. Beckham
3. Rhys
4. Emmett
5. Elijah
6. Benjamin
7. Caleb
8. Gavin
9. Grey
10. Ryder
11. Jude
12. Henry
13. Carsten
14. Christian
15. Sawyer
16. Brendan
17. Nolan
18. Aaron
19. Joseph
20. Brett
21. Danger
22. Isaac
23. Ian
24. Xavier
25. Zachary


1. Hazel
2. Quinn
3. Courtney
4. Julianne
5. Ivy
6. April
7. Faye
8. Lily
9. Emery
10. Chloe
11. Brooke
12. Charlotte
13. Ava
14. Eve
15. Eden
16. Clara
17. Rebecca
18. Grace
19. Liston
20. Savannah
21. Anne
22. Bethany
23. Aubrey
24. Danielle
25. Ellie


Cindy said...

from auntie cindy

Ava for the girl

Carston for the boy

from uncle peter
chloe for girl
jude for boy

Lisa said...

Boy: Sawyer
Girl: Hazel

Alisha said...



Cindy said...

Grandpa Mike: Elijah and Aubrey
Grandma Janna: Lily and Danger

The Huebners said...


Anonymous said...

Eden - girl
Carsten - boy

Was Xavier just a shout out to Paul? :)

Anna said...

for Anna
boy: Isaac
girl: Emery

for Owen
boy: Elijah
girl: Eve

Anonymous said...

From Mere Mere:
Boy; Brendon
Girl: Ivy

Jodi said...

Boy: Henry
Girl: Clara

Keri-Ann said...

Emmett and Emery
(ooohh, those are good twins names... are you certain there is just one? Twins have been known to hide... just sayin'.) ;D

Holly said...

Boy: Jude
Girl: Grace

Stephanie said...


So much pressure!

Beckie said...

Nolan - Boy
Eden - Girl

ST said...

1. Caleb
2. Ellie

Nancy said...

This votes from Rachel Perry....
GIRL: Julianne
BOY: Xavier

Nancy said...

From Nancy---hoping to take home the gold two times in a row! This was tricky, because I had to choose ones that haven't already been chosen, so here we go...
BOY: Grey
GIRL: Faye

Grandma Jacquie said...

girl - Julianne
boy - Nolan

primetime said...


Self explanatory which is which. I didn't read the rules so I made up my own.

Anonymous said...

from Uncle Schmatto:

Girl: Charlotte
Boy: Ryder

Unknown said...

Long time reader, first time commenter:

boy: Grey
girl: Emery

Anonymous said...


DUH. :)