Sunday, October 21, 2007

the name game

after months and months of spreadsheets, algorithms, baby books, and a few heated discussions, bryan and i have finally decided on a baby name. although according to many of my high school, college and early marriage journal entries, i had already chosen names for all my children, it turns out that such whimsies become obsolete when dealing with an actual person who will have to live with the consequences of this decision for the rest of their lives.

early on, we came up with the perfect trifecta of conditions our baby’s nombre would have to meet: easy to spell and say, not too common, and (of course) liked by the both of us. it only took us the ensuing eight months to reach our verdict. and yet, for some reason, i can still here regis in the back of my mind asking, “is that your final answer?”

we have chosen not to reveal said name until little baby’s debut, but instead, as competition runs deep in both our hearts, to encourage our adoring public (yeah susanne!) to vie for a chance to win one of three amazing prizes by being the first to guess the moniker we have selected.

here are the rules:

  1. anyone we know can play (sorry random guy from flickr)

  2. each individual may submit up to one guess per week

  3. submissions may be made via our blog comments section or can be emailed directly to either bryan or myself (though we encourage using the blog so that all players can see the names that have already been guessed)

  4. the winner will be announced shortly after we bring the little one home (middle of november-ish)

  5. in the event that this name eludes all who participate, we will hold a random drawing to distribute the prize

here are the prizes:

most importantly, respect as the winner AND (bonus!) a choice of one of the following gift certificates--a few of our favorite things:

  1. cold stone

  2. itunes

  3. netflix

here are the clues:

  1. begins with the letter “s”

  2. 6-8 letters

  3. one baby book had this to say about it: “sweet but not silly, and can sound sophisticated when required”

  4. no real nicknames can be derived

  5. (additional clues will be posted every week)

this is a great way to utilize those 2.5 hours a day the average american worker spends schluffing off at work.


james said...

i declare savanah or savana or savannah or how ever you want to spell it

Anonymous said...

How about "tertiary" or "almond"?

Emi said...

Is it Sabrina??? Or it that too common...All I know is my tummy is hungry for some coldstone ice cream....go Emi!!!

Lisa said...

Sylvia or Sylvie

I hope none of the suggestions cause you to re-think your decision!

Cindy said...

how about sierra

Susanne said...

Okay. Despite the fact that I totally want to list all of my guesses, I'm going with Sophie. It's less common than Sophia.

I'm crossing my fingers b/c I love me some cold stone/itunes/netflix.

Also, I'll send you wedding pics as soon as I have them.

Holly Keddington said...
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Emily said...

Additional guesses (by those who chose to email):


Susanne said...

Okay, since Brenda submitted Sophie first, can I have a back-up guess?



Katie said...

Ok, ok I've got it. STELLA. No nicknames, it's easy to spell, not too common and it's a totally awesome name. Common....let it be me!

Christina said...

Summer, since I can only have one guess! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm betting on Serena

-- Aaron

Emily said...

and sophia.

Li Jing said...


Andrea said...

You can't guess every name in the book emily!
My guess is Sophia - hands off everybody the ice cream is mine!

Anonymous said...

Sydney. Is that not a classic name? I think she'd also like Sakura, but...

Kenny said...


Emily said...

last of the guesses:


Emi said...

What??? WHY???? Why is your contest over (as I type frantically to put in my entry as you are in labor)??? I think it's Sierra!!!!