Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's day feast

It was only a year ago that I thought I had entered the ranks of grilling purists around the world. I knew that charcoal was the only method of cooking meat that would cross my lips. Ever supportive, Emily and Summer indulged me with the world’s smallest grill. And so it began.

In reality, my relationship with that grill was tumultuous from the beginning. After a string of dismal performances, we agreed to take a break and pursue other interests. During this interlude, I reflected on what I wanted out of life. I realized that I didn't want the perfect grill. All I really wanted was perfectly grilled food. Enter the grill pan. Easy. Idiot proof (mostly). Year round.

To celebrate my fatherhood this year, Summer convinced her mother to produce an amazing array of dishes that put the grill pan to good use.

The cheesecake didn’t fit the grill pan theme, but was delicious nonetheless (5 packages of cream cheese tend to have that effect).

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Primetime said...

I think thats how Chris Farley died- 5 packages of cream cheese...and all that other stuff.