Sunday, July 06, 2008

Father's Day at Last

Since we were on the road during Father's Day this year, Summer and Emily had a difficult time giving my annual paternal performance review (the new baggage policies of various airlines make it difficult to cart around grills, no matter how "compact").

We rescheduled the event as soon as we could when we got home. Unfortunately, anything over 90 degrees is counted as adverse weather in Seattle by our friends at UPS, so we had to wait a few more days for the gifts to arrive (this occurrence proves that those brown shorts were more about fashion than function all along).

All in all, I feel I fared quite well. Summer has not had any experience with other dads, so I received the highest marks (and associated booty).

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Primetime said...

I'm envious of the real charcoal. Tastes so much better!