Monday, July 21, 2008


as far as the gene pool gamble goes, i feel i've been dealt a pretty good hand. sure, it'd be nice to not sunburn so easily or be a few inches taller but overall, not worth complaining about.

there is only one way that the dna powers-that-be robbed me blind: my hair.

often enough, ladies with long, thick, beautiful hair come up to me and say, "your hair is so cute (always with the word cute). i wish i could wear my hair that way, but alas, i'm stuck with these gorgeous, bountiful locks. life is just not fair!" yeah, not fair.

the truth is i HAVE to wear my hair like this -- lest i appear to have experienced an accidental run-in with radiation. my middle and high school years were coif-ly ruined by the erroneous belief that i, too, could have long hair. i shan't post pictures from that unfortunate era at this time, but stay tuned.

i cut off all my hair the day before high school graduation and haven't looked back since, spending the next seven years perfecting "the emily." (that's right, move over rachel green!)

and now, another landmark event in my life, matched only by my marriage and the birth of my daughter: the spikes are coming down.

bryan tells me that the difference (monumental in my eyes) is too subtle for most people to notice. or they hate it so much, they are refusing to comment. either way, what's done is done, and we'll all have to live with it for at least three weeks.
in the meantime (and ever after), i shall be slathering on some spf 85 and donning four-inch heels in the never-ending battle against darwin.


amy said...

I like it! I think it looks good. Be glad that you have a face/jawline/neck that supports short hair. I tried it and ended up looking like a boy. Sad.

Susanne said...

Bryan is can tell the difference. Sans spikes is v. hip, though I am sad to see the spikes go b/c they were so you somehow. Oh well, onwards...

Katie said...

One word: sexy.

Holly said...

Very chic. Though, you could probably shave your head and still look ready for a fashion shoot.