Tuesday, July 15, 2008

summer's new ride

for those who may not be aware, i am a HUGE supporter of baby wearing (hence, the five different baby carriers mentioned in an earlier post). i oft deliver a long speech when others give me a hard time about carrying summer but will spare the readership those full-blown details and just say, it’s best for the mom (osteoporosis, anyone?) and best for the baby (counter-intuitively cultivating independence and self-assurance).

that being said, there are certain situations for which wheels are best-suited. and as summer got older, we found ourselves experiencing those situations more and more, so the time had finally come for that all-important baby gear purchase: the stroller.

now, like most newly (and naively) pregnant women, we blindly purchased a stroller at about four months gestation--unbeknownst to us at the time that i would develop these radical viewpoints and shun the behemoth of transportation, thus forcing the stroller to gather dust in our garage for eight months until we finally dragged it out and found that it suited none of our needs.

so as is my custom (impetuous is the word bryan uses), i promptly sold our old, useless stroller and began my search for a new, perfect pushchair. this was not an easy task and monopolized all of my *spare* attention for three days. i scoured the internet, read blogs, reviews, and spoke with stroller specialists (yes, there are stroller specialists). and this is what we finally came up with:

our three-wheeled, fully-reclining, lightweight, insanely easy to fold and store stroller with maximum sun-shade coverage. after viewing and researching more than 100 different models, i firmly believe that there is a perfect stroller out there for every family, and this is the one for us.

as for summer, she doesn’t seem to mind her new ride as long as it’s moving. and she usually rides with her hands by her ears like she’s under arrest or on a roller coaster. whatever that’s about.

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Holly said...

Ooo. Neat stroller. I am a bit jealous. I did the buy-the-stroller-while-pregnant bit myself. I wish I had waited...