Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lone Star Sweet

Last Thursday, I took the girls to the Duvall Farmers Market. Expecting a vast array of luscious, locally grown produce, Emily packed a camera to document the advantages of living in a small, semi-rural community.

Alas, this week's two smallish tables of produce were a bit disappointing. Fortunately, we found a purveyor of "value added goods" (see link above) to our liking. In addition to a variety of other baked goods, this woman was selling the largest donuts I've ever seen (bear in mind I lived in Texas for 10 years).

We immediately dismissed any fantasy of eating organic, locally grown produce that evening. Instead, we slapped down the $4 for the donut and had an early dinner in the park. As you can see, Summer was very impressed.

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im a fan of the new hair