Monday, June 29, 2009

to russia, with love

little schmatt turns 21 today.

in honor of his birth, we thought we’d share this video of summer saying one of her favorite words:

yes, she’s pronouncing it absolutely right, “gwakgwas.”

because of his extremely poor eyesight, matto basically came out the womb wearing eyeglasses. however, for the longest time, he did not know how to say “glasses,” and he called them “gwakgwas” instead. this newfangled word, in turn, became an integral part of family lore and was used intermittently growing up.

when bryan and i married, i brought him in on the “gwakgwas” action, which he took to rather effortlessly, and it has since become the only word we use for glasses.

and now, with baby summer eagerly playing along, the legend continues.

happy birthday, matt.

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