Friday, July 03, 2009

pregnancy zen

we’ve reached the point in pregnancy when the baby really could be born *any day now,* also known as the time when friends stop saying how cute you are and instead compare your physique to an overextended balloon (“wow, you look like you’re ready to POP!”).

overall, i find this period a lot like the onset of labor and contractions: you can either fight it or embrace it. of course, as with those lovely contractions, the natural tendency is to fight it. i find myself thinking thoughts like,

“if i gain one more pound…”
“if i see one more stretch mark…”
“if summer kicks me in the belly one more time…”
“if i’m even pregnant for one more day…”


but that’s not very embracing of me, now is it?

to help me cope more effectively, i’ve decided to reach down deep and find my inner pregnancy zen. i’ve been re-indoctrinating myself with all my naturopathic birthing and pregnancy philosophies (in order to keep far away from that “evil” pitocin), i’ve stopped wearing bryan’s t-shirts around the house (nothing lowers my pregnancy self-esteem quite like giant, shapeless advertisements for microsoft), and, most importantly, i’ve taken part in an experimental procedure where now i can’t even remember my due date.

so don’t bother asking. my only reply with be “oooommm.”

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Eve said...

I cannot wait to hear about baby number 2's journey into the world. The first was SO EXCITING!