Thursday, July 09, 2009

uncharted territory

comparing pregnancies, summer was delivered four days ago already. but that’s not totally surprising—just the other day, she escaped from her car seat straps after a mere 45 minute drive (an eternity to her). hating any type of confinement, i have no doubt that baby summer was planning her uterine escape from the moment of conception.

little girl two, on the other hand, appears to be something else altogether: content. she’s locked and loaded, ready to debut at any moment, but just put- put- puttering around. dilating here a little and there a little, contractions sometimes and sometimes not, getting lower and lower and lower everyday (seriously, if she doesn’t hurry up, she’s going to just fall out in a week), and essentially taking her sweet, sweet time.

i’m imagining going swimming with my two girls in a few years: summer will be the one impetuously jumping in the pool (the deep end, mind you) while her sister cautiously dips in a toe and waits.

**i found this photo on my mom's camera from september 2008. i miss my jeans.


Thi said...

Summer is so cute. I have a little one that is just like Summer in my home. He is active, social, stubburn, mischievous and a dare devil. However it is so fun to have him around. I just hope our second child will be calmer. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

Beckie said...

Oh hooray for baby Number 2-- almost here-- Scary scary -- I have 7 more weeks!! You'll be enjoying your jeans and the rest of your summer while I'm baking away in my whale attire!!

Rene said...

Man.. no baby yet Emily! I can't wait to meet her! I was hoping today was the day!