Wednesday, June 17, 2009


so every several months, i get an incurable urge to make something. you know, be “crafty” or whatever. i was bitten by the bug a few weeks ago when i decided to make summer a church bag.

i found a pattern and fabric, borrowed a sewing machine, and got to work.

my crafting usually follows a distinct course of events. first, things go smoothly, and i feel confident – i wonder to myself, why don’t i be crafty all the time? next, the project becomes more intense (wow, this is a lot more work than i signed up for!), and i am consumed with working on it for days. and then, disaster strikes (when sewing, the disaster is frequently the fault of zippers). during this phase (which bryan refers to as the craft massacre or craftacre), i lay around on the couch and bemoan my inability to finish the venture.

but finally, after much self-coaxing and a few reminders from bryan about how much my little endeavor has cost, i persevere and eventually get the job done – but not without a vow to never craft again.

so for now, sewing machines and i are going our separate ways.

here is my parting gift:


Beckie said...

Wow I'm super impressed-- that is a great project-- looks hard though-- I'm more into -- straight lines-- ok-- I suck at sewing-- but I try occasionally!!

Katie said...

really cute!

Holly said...

Crafting IS overrated. Though you do turn out a wicked final product.