Thursday, November 15, 2012

on turning five

november 6, 2012, our disney princess:

it's so hard to believe that summer began life as this little baby here. i mean, she came out the womb so furious and hard to please and with such a high-pitched loud screamed which she used ALL the time. 

the first year of motherhood was quite difficult on summer and me. we fought a lot. we cried a lot. and we both slept very little.

how was i to know that one of the sweetest, kindest, coolest kids on the block was trapped inside that tiny angry baby?

some things we've learned about summer since then:

first and foremost, summer loves. bryan and i consider this summer's most salient God-given gift. she loves people. above all people, she loves her family. and above all family, she loves her sister afton. every week, when summer gets a gummy bear from gymnastics, she bites it in half and gives half to her sister. on the plane, when it was summer's turn to sit by the window, and her little sister just couldn't handle sitting in the middle, she switched back at her own insistence. summer never leaves afton out and makes sure no one else does, either.  

summer wants to help animals find their moms. she wants to stop and give lifts to tween girls riding bikes up steep, dangerous hills. and this halloween, when we ran out of candy at the door and had to turn some kids away, without hesitation, summer reached in to her own candy bag and started passing it out. that's just summer.

(insert caveat: summer thinks boys are gross and mean, and she scowls whenever one is near. so not a lot of love for that particular demographic at the moment. however, she does somehow remain fairly adamant about marrying kian one day).

summer is happy and responsible. she's easily distracted and loves pretty things. and shiny things. and tiny things.  summer wants to be like katy perry when she grows up and cut off all her hair and fight in a war (see here). she loves surprises and presents and barbies and barbies and barbie accessories. she is obedient and helpful and desirous to please. summer is guileless. she remembers everything. she has a MAJOR sweet tooth and would stuff her face with cotton candy all day if we'd let her. her favorite holiday is christmas, and her favorite season is (can you guess it?) summer. 

i love her. i love getting to know her. i love the bright spot she is in the world and the goodness that fills her up and shines out those big, big, brown, brown eyes.

happy fifth, baby girl.

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