Sunday, November 25, 2012

snow capped mountains

we went up to steven's pass this weekend to check out the slopes and to give the kiddos their first taste of the snowy season. caleb, aka "adventure baby," was totally diggin it and definitely looked ready to jump on a board and shred something.

anyway, it is bryan's purest, truest wish for us to become a "ski family," so we're looking into lessons for summer and afton, who are both thrilled to give it a try.

and also lessons for momma, who hates exercising, hates being cold, hates going fast, double-hates heights and things like "ski lifts," and who has never skied a day in her life. BUT who is going to learn to ski anyway (down that bunny hill at least once or twice) because it is her husband's purest, truest wish.

winter 2012: you've been warned.

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Anonymous said...

Girl! You lived in Austria. You can do this. =) N