Monday, November 26, 2012

meet the owls

i have a few more of summer's birthday posts before we move on to our california trip.

first up, the owls.

so bryan was back in london for the week and a half leading up to summer's birthday, which left me with more than a handful of late nights to spend dorking around on craft blogs (i'm saving a post for later on how pinterest is going to single-handedly bring on the zombie apocalypse).

anyway, maybe two or three days before summer's party, the internet filled my brain with the craziness that i needed make a stuffed owl for each of the girls attending her "night owl" sleepover.

so i did.

i designed and drafted my own pattern (a first!), stayed up through the night cutting fabric, sewed pretty much non-stop for forty-eight hours, and pulled off my finishing stitches just a few hours before the little ladies arrived.


totally worth it.

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