Saturday, November 17, 2012


the stars finally aligned this year, and for my birthday back in july, bryan gifted me tickets to see wicked at the paramount. huzzah!

it has come to seattle twice before, but through various circumstances (read: pregnancies/newborns), we have not been able to go until now. in the meantime, i've tried to keep myself a clean and pure wicked virgin and have refused to read any reviews of the show or listen to the music.

the first time wicked and i would be together, we would be together live.

and i'm pleased to report that elphaba and glinda definitely did not disappoint. as an added bonus, bryan only fell asleep once during the show (later, he would insist that he was just "resting his eyes." i vehemently informed him that one does not pay x number of dollars to see one of the greatest musicals of all time and then "rest ones eyes.")

special thanks to anna (and danton) for watching baby caleb so bryan and i could have our first solo night out in seven months.

it was awesome. wicked awesome.

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