Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Cautionary Wail

For those of you who may be a little cavalier in your birth control, I've posted a video of one of my favorite sounds in the whole world. Regrettably (well, Emily is the only one who seems to really regret it), I've developed an uncanny ability to filter out these noises from the hours of 10PM to 5AM.

When we talk about Summer's vocal talents to other parents, we've discovered there are two types of mothers: those who've had screamers and those who have not. Parents who haven't had screamers casually brush off Emily's concerns with lines like "it's OK, all babies are like that." On the other hand, parents who have had screamers will immediately rat out their offending child ("That was my Nick, the rest weren't so bad"). Sorry, Summer, no immunity for you either.

Note: No babies were harmed during the filming of this blog post. No comment on the parents.


The Thomson Trio said...

I just love your blog! Emily, you never fail to make me laugh. Summer is so cute & boy does she have some lungs! I too fall into the category of a mother that has a screamer so I can feel your pain. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get my noise filter to work yet! I love your Christmas picture...Summer's dress is so cute. I hope you had a great Christmas! - Holly

Richard Tait said...

About the vocal talents of screamers.. when you have a child whose scream is so distinctive, it makes that little phalange in your inner ear vibrate, allowing you to instantly find above the deafening din of an open fish market in a foreign country, let me know... that was my blessing 15 years ago!

Dawn Franklin said...

Hello Wheelers! I just recently came across your blog today (I had bookmarked it when Emily gave it to us SO long ago at Highlands). This video was genius! Summer's screams are so cute (when heard in a 30 second montage)! I've been keeping a journal for our new little one at
Isn't mommyhood a blast?