Friday, August 17, 2012

updo update

i'm pleased (and somewhat surprised) to report that i have continued to work diligently this summer at honing my braiding skillz.

i have managed to move on from french braids to dutch braids and from straight back to crown wraps.

once again, my thanks be to youtube for its vastness of knowledge and its many, many (many) tutorials.

but after youtube, it is my summer  girl who deserves the lion's share of mad props. she patiently lets me harass her head each morning and sits still for much longer than any four year old should, whilst i curse and throw things and pop blood vessels and give up in despair only to try again (from the top!).

we've come a long way, she and i, in figuring out this "hair" thing together, and i am especially pleased to report that, thus far, but one hair-doing incident has ended in tears (hers or mine...not sayin').

anyway, above is a little glimpse of her favorite do to date: the partial dutch crown braid into a side pony.

1 comment:

Holly said...

Mad props, Miss Emme. This is a favorite braid 'round here as well. We call it princess hair.