Tuesday, August 28, 2012

mickey still blue eyes

caleb got to visit the doctor today.

his growth trajectory remains steady:  in the "95th percentile" for weight and the "greater than 95th percentile" (which i thought was an interesting distinction) for height.

during his fourth month, he's been mostly busy giving his mama big muscles as she lugs all eighteen and a half pounds of him around from day to day.

but he's also been busy rolling, grabbing, teething, kicking, blabbing, pulling, laughing, and mesmerizing everyone he meets with those gorgeous baby blues and perfectly dimpled cheeks.

caleb is an easy smile and very social. he loves to see his sisters when they crawl into bed with us every morning and especially enjoys pulling summer's hair.

also, be advised, he has a highly sensitive startle reflex, so he hates any sudden loud noises, such as vacuum cleaners, sneezing, and/or clapping of any kind.

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