Tuesday, August 14, 2012

get well soon

our girls are wily ones.

summer recently had a little bit of a sore throat, so she went to her mere, batted those big brown eyes and asked, "can you make me a get well card?" 

mere said yes (as meres always do), and so summer, thrilled with her conquest, continued on in her list of demands, "put it in an envelope and leave it under my pillow and don't forget some candy!"

of course, afton couldn't bear to be left out of all the action.

so a card for her, too.

the girls were understandably delighted when they awoke the next morning (feeling much better, i might add), to colorful cards and yummy gummy bears. 

what a treat!

then not even a day went by before they turned their little wily girl ways on uncle schmatto (side note: i'm pretty sure summer and afton think his name really is schmatto).

"can you make us cards, uncle schmatto?"

and schmatto said yes (as schmattos always do).

then they asked *me* to make them cards.

and i was all, "children, please. i feed you, i clothe you, i buy you toys and read you stories and wipe your bums, i'm up with you in the night when you're scared or lost or lonely, and i make your lives the veritable wonderlands that they are. it is you who should be making me a card."

and don't forget the candy.

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