Thursday, August 02, 2012

play ball

but back to me and my birthday.

first up for la celebracion de emilia, we met anna and danton (aka "dantanna") in seattle for dinner at red mill burgers and ice cream at molly moon's. sadly, we have no good pics from those excursions as we were all pretty busy stuffing our faces. 

also, a vicious rumor has been spread that i treated myself to both a butterfinger milkshake at red mill *and* a bowl full of scout mint ice cream at molly moon's; i can neither confirm nor deny this outrageous claim.

anyway, bellies full, we parted ways with the youngs and went on to enjoy an evening mariners game.

all the children did wonderfully -- the ladies were especially captivated by the fact that they could just scream at the top of their lungs when they felt like it and clap energetically for no apparent reason and stand up and dance whenever they heard loud music. 

baseball game = rambunctious preschooler paradise.

we continued consuming unnecessarily large amounts of junk food (red vines! cotton candy! peanuts!)

and the mariners won.

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