Sunday, August 19, 2012

missing daddy

the wheeler threelers and i are very much enjoying our relaxing vaycay here in sweet home alabama.

it's been everything we set out for it to be: i sleep in until 9:30 or 10am every day (no, i'm not kidding), we watch tons of movies on the big screen, we spend a good amount of time at the pool, matt and my mom cook us up delicious meals every night, and i totally kick butt at bananagrams.

and yet...

we miss our daddy.

we miss jumping into his arms at the end of the day screaming, "swing me faster, daddy!" we miss holding hands and sneaking treats after the children have gone to bed.

i think it's good and right for every wife to think that she has the best husband ever. but sorry, ladies, on a scale of absoluteness, it's me. i have him.

dear bryan,

we love you. we miss you. we'll be home soon.

(pictured top right: beautiful flowers daddy sent us while we've been away).

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