Friday, July 13, 2012

parlez-vous francais?

so one of my goals this summer is to learn how to french braid.

i'm almost twenty-nine years old, and by golly, french braiding is something every respectable girl should know how to do before she turns thirty.

pictured here at the right is my very first (completed) attempt.

summer, like a little girls, wants to grow her hair out long, long (thanks a lot, tangled). but long hair, awesome as it may be, is not without its drawbacks: namely, somehow being kept out of her face (and syrup and dirt and car doors, et cetera).

however, when it comes to styling hair, i am a complete and utter dud.

for starters, i have short, SHORT hair and no sisters, so i began motherhood with a huge hair-doing handicap. (random young family factoid: each of emily's three brothers has at one time or another grown his hair out longer than hers. how's that for the ultimate gene pool shaft?)

nonetheless, i've been able to muddle along in the wide world of hair styling for nearly five years now using what little i know about pony tail holders and by adding giant, flashy hair accessories to distract folks from my poor coiffing abilities. but summer is getting older, with hair getting longer, and me and my pony-Os just aren't cutting it anymore. plus, they're breaking off her little hairs, which drives me batty.

enter: youtube.
my brush and comb and i thank our lucky stars for youtube.

anyway, i'm a bit behind on my goal, seeing as how it's july 13th and this is my first attempt, but i didn't suck at french braiding as much as i thought i would (though, obviously, no one would pay me for my handiwork), so, crossing fingers, i think there's hope for me and my girls yet!

to track my progress, i'm committing to styling summer's hair in a french braid for her first day of preschool come the beginning of september. we'll see if by then i've managed to make any improvements.

amelie out.

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