Wednesday, July 11, 2012

a berry bitty girl

afton requested a strawberry shortcake birthday party to ring in the big three. overall, character themes (think disney princesses, dora the explorer, ms. shortcake & co., etc.) sort of make me cringe, but they're all my girls love at this age. i tried to accommodate her love of "a berry bitty girl with berry big possibilities" while still following my own inner party compass and ended up morphing her shindig into a strawberry shortcake tea party with less direct emphasis on the "character" strawberry shortcake.

i'm going to roll out what we did to celebrate ms. afton baby noelle in a few different posts. hopefully ya'll can stand the cuteness. if not, i suggest you find another blog to follow because cuteness is alls we got here.

first things first, her birthday dress:

whipped up by yours truly and featuring a 
lime green argyle nod to strawberry herself.

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