Thursday, July 12, 2012

fruit filled fun

and now, for the final party round up.

invitations included little handmade strawberry clippies that we were delighted all the girls donned for the festivities:

for party activities, we read the little mouse, the red ripe strawberry, and the big hungry bear by don and audrey wood, danced to strawberry jams while playing musical berry baskets using hula hoops, and beaded necklaces (the sleeper hit of the party, lasting an unheard of forty minutes!):

for lunch, we enjoyed an elegant spread of strawberry lemonade, strawberry and chocolate tea sandwiches, cucumber and carrot medley, corn puffettes, and fresh strawberries:

dessert was -- what else? -- strawberry shortcake, of course! but served up kebab style to keep things interesting.

and last but not least, as party guests were waiting for their moms to arrive, they donned their aprons and went strawberry picking (aka searching for strawberry candies hidden in the backyard), another big hit:

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Shelli said...

Where did you get the bow tutorial or can you explain how to make them?