Sunday, October 31, 2010

the halloween witch

most of you are probably aware that while candy is tasty and sweet, it is not the best of ideas for children (or any of us, for that matter) to consume large quantities of it all at once. so in thinking about our family traditions around halloween, we decided it would be fun to merge "brownie" folklore from bryan's youth with an idea from our friend kathryn known as "the halloween witch."

its basic concept is that the children select a given number of their favorite confections from trick or treating (summer got seven this year; afton chose three) and then put the rest out on the doorstep for the (good) halloween witch, who comes in the night to exchange their candy for an awesome, inedible surprise.

really, this turned out to be a thinly veiled way for mom and dad to steal all the kiddies' candies (in the future, when there is more candy to be had, we have fully honorable intentions of dropping it off at a local dentist's office to send to the troops overseas). but hey, summer and afton thought it was great fun and still got 10 pieces of yummy candy between them -- PLUS a new set of pink mega blocks.

everybody wins!


Katie said...

that is a great idea. oh, what cute pjs too.

Cindy said...

excellent idea, I may have to use this one next year

Heidi Henderson said...

What a clever idea! That will be a fun tradition!