Thursday, October 07, 2010

bohemian rhapsody

two fun facts about summer:

1) she recently learned that bryan goes to work to make money.  now, when he comes home, she asks for "the monies," and bryan gives her a dollar.  it starts young, daddies dearest.  it starts young.

2) she has very specific taste in music.  her favorite songs must meet the following criteria: have a female vocalist, be fast and loud, and allow her to express her inner bootyliciousness.  if a song is lacking in any of these areas, she will ask you to turn it off and put on single ladies.


Katie said...

wow - money and fast music. you gotta watch that one. hey, have we already discussed our matching pb brooke bedding? we have such good taste.

Natalie said...

My girls love single ladies, they dance to it while I shower. Ellie calls it single la.
It was so good seeing you the other night!