Sunday, October 03, 2010

conference crepes

thanks to a suggestion from our erstwhile home teacher, rock, 
bryan loves to celebrate general conference weekend by 
treating us girls to his homemade crepes for breakfast.

but that's not the only thing we look forward to.  

favorite talks from this october conference included:
president thomas monson, elders larry lawrence, jeffrey holland, 
henry eyring, and d. todd christofferson.

indeed, we have been greatly fed.


Kris Purcell said...

You are right about October Conference being great.

The crepes also look great. Tell Bryan we need the recipe.

It is so fun following your family. Thanks for being such a good blogger

Aunt Kris

Jodi said...

Those crepes look delicious! My oldest, Garrett, is always begging me to make crepes. Do tell what the filling is in those crepes. I also echo the sentiments of my mother. It is nice to be able to be aware of what my family is up to, even if they live far away. And, I agree that conference was great.