Friday, April 03, 2009

second trimester in review

before we turn the corner and head into the final inning, here’s a quick recap of the past three months:

weight gain: 10 pounds.

average daily sleep: 12 hours.

baby’s current position: like sister summer, her head is low in the pelvis, ever-ready to escape the womb.

food cravings: nothing really comes to mind, but i have been known to go out of my way for some cheesecake, and once i ordered scones off the internet (thank you amazon prime!). also, bryan claims my trips to mcdonald’s are up 300%.

biggest pregnancy complaint: i’m drawing a blank here, too. aside from the hellish first four months, pregnancy goes pretty smoothly for me. but, if i had to complain about something, it would be that like london bridges, my preggo pants are always falling down.

biggest pregnancy acclaim: for those of us who were otherwise neglected by mammary mother nature, it’s got to be the boobs. holla!

as for little baby, she continues to be healthy and active and growing at a perfect rate. and yes, bryan and i have settled on a name for our newest addition, but don’t bother asking—just stay tuned for another baby name game coming to the blog in june!

so, what can we expect in the third trimester?
remember the pioneer song about the oxcart? that’s me: slow, slower, and slowest.


Jones Town said...

Hang in there Emily. Doesn't it seem like those 9 months just drag by, but the 9 months after they are born go so quickly? Anyway, you look great. You have 3 sympaticos in Idaho (Kara-due May; Terresa-due July; Beckie-due August). Good luck all!

Liz said...

look at your little big belly-congrats!!