Tuesday, April 14, 2009

olympic anniversary

to celebrate our astonishing five years together, bryan and i ventured back to the olympic penninsula. this time, sans baby summer.

the bed & breakfast

ah, where to start? lazy mornings waking to the surprisingly pleasant sounds of bullfrogs and birds… falling asleep next to the flickering flame of a warm fire, which crackling blaze also added ambiance to lavish lavender whirlpool baths… gratuitously spending an hour and a half to enjoy the gourmet four-course breakfasts…

and this was the view from our bedroom window:

yes, that's canada off in the distance.
for more info on this little B&B gem, click here.

the gifts

the traditional anniversary gift for the fifth year is wood. i’m still not exactly clear on how that applies to bryan’s gift, but hey, i’m definitely not one to complain about a trip to the spa.

the attractions

we visited four main points of interest: the hoh rainforest (uh, a rainforest), cape flattery (the most northwestern point of the continental united states), hurricane ridge (a veritable winter wonderland), and forks (if you don't know, go ask your wife).

bryan has a special post he'd like to write about this year's visit to forks, so stay tuned. otherwise, our assessment is as follows:

the hoh: for those of us who live in the pacific northwest, very uninteresting.
moss grows on, like, all the trees around here.

cape flattery: well worth the drive.

hurricane ridge: a good scenic point in the olympics.
would have been more fun had we brought our sledding gear.

the babysitters

so what about summer? no need to worry about her: she was back in duvall having a grand old time. ever the social butterfly, she enjoyed a two night stay with these sweet girls (and their parents, of course). her many varied activities included hunting for more easter eggs, eating yummy cupcakes, discovering sidewalk chalk and playing with friends.

happy in her new life, i think she was a bit confused to see us again.


Holly said...

Looks like a fun anniversary celebration. Congrats on #5.

betsey said...

Happy Anniversary! And what a great way to celebrate (especially the sans Summer part) :)

Katie said...

we kinda miss her around here!