Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hai muoi chin

Twenty-nine. Last stop before 30. But getting older wasn’t the only surprise of the day.  It turns out both my little connivers were hard at work from dawn til dusk:

4/15 4:45 AM - For her first surprise, Emily uses the time Bryan is at the gym to create a balloon sculpture in the living room with 29 balloons tied to candy bars.

6:00 AM
- Birthday surprise breakfast!

11:30 AM
- Bryan returns to his office after a morning of meetings. Surprise, surprise. Baby Summer is wandering the halls of She leads Bryan back to her mom, who has brought cookies, balloons, and lunch to his office.

1:00 PM
– Unable to contain her excitement, Summer skips her daily nap. Danger ahead.

7:00 PM
- Birthday dinner. After we order, Summer starts the tantrum that just won’t stop. Moments before the food hits the table, Bryan asks the waiter to box it up as Emily takes Summer to the car.

8:00 PM
– Eat steaks from Styrofoam take-out boxes. Who says plating doesn’t matter?

8:15 PM
- Eat the beautiful and delicious Strawberry Lemonade birthday cake.

8:30 PM
– Sit in special birthday chair to open gifts. Thanks everyone!

29 balloons.

29 candles.

29… ounces of body armor. I like the way James thinks.


Beckie said...

Happy Birthday Bryan!

Your wife is something else!

Jones Town said...

Happy Birthday Brian!
P.S. I love hearing about other people's kids throwing fits. Makes me feel normal about my kids. Luckily each kid is different. We could take Garrett anywhere and he was great. Now Hannah-we are still breaking her in to restaurants...slowly!

Holly said...

Happy Birthday, Bryan. Sounds like it was a great one.