Thursday, April 23, 2009

the killers

as part of bryan’s birthday present, i got him tickets to see the killers in concert. because (a) we love their music and (b) we find it fascinating that lead singer brandon flowers is a card-carrying member of the mormon church.

now, as old marrieds with (almost) two children, we wondered if such a concert wasn’t a bit too out of our league. and as we stood in line and watched punk kids wearing a lot of eye makeup and their clothes too tight walk by, we felt our fears confirmed.

but as if the killers knew how diverse their following is, the venue in which they played was split both physically and demographically into two sections: the standing room only (aka "party hard") and the bleacher seats (aka "hardly party").

and while the aforementioned punk kids were busy standing, sweating, and screaming, we found two seats in the middle bleacher section and very much enjoyed our comfortable view. surrounded by techies who refused to dance, middle-aged couples who brought their young children, and even a few ladies my mom’s age, we fit right in.

the lights dimmed, the drum beats started, bryan put in his earplugs, and the killers gave a wicked good show.

this one's for you, dad:


Eve said...

One of Scotty and my favorite bands! So jealous.
Are you for real he's Mormon? Not buying it.

Jones Town said...

Love the killers! How lucky that you got to go to their show. S jealous....