Sunday, June 29, 2008

What's in a name?

As I child, I could never figure out why my classmates would want to go visit old people with names like Poppop and Nana. Don't get me wrong, I recall with fondness the holiday visits to Grandma and Grandpa Wheeler and Grandma and Grandpa Cook. But Paps? I think my taste runs towards nicknames that can't be confused with medical procedures.

We'd like to zero in on some good grandparental names before Summer starts talking. As it stands, Emily's parents seem to have found nicknames that stick. Behold:

Opa D: The D comes from Dennis

Mère-de-mère: A French take on the Scandinavian Mormor.

None of the names for my parents seem to be ready for prime time. Here's a short list for my mom:

  • Grandma Wheeler -- safe, but sterile
  • Momma Janna -- has potential, but Emily is pretty protective of all things "mama"
  • Granny Janny -- I'm a big fan of the rhyme, but potentially pejorative

And for my dad:

  • Grandpa Wheeler
  • Opa M -- doesn't have the same ring as Opa D
  • Grandpappy Mike -- not sure if its appropriate unless you are native to Kentucky

Given the stalemate, we welcome any suggestions.


Deon said...

I love seeing your blog and your perspectives on things - Summer is destined for great things.

Grandparents' Names? How about Grammy Janna, Grandaddy Mike. My grandfather was "Granddaddy" which then evolved to Granddad, and finally to "Dandy". Loved it. OR, perhaps Summer will coin her own as many first grandbabies do (well, if she is the first on that side...) Love to you guys.

Susanne said...

You could also do the initial thing for a grandmother. My great aunt was Momma T to her grandchildren. What about Grammy J. I also have a friend whose mother is Pittypat to her grandchildren. I think that's a southern thing though.