Sunday, June 15, 2008

slip and slide

Those close to me know I have a latent thrill seeking tendency that I indulge from time to time (it may explain my overwhelming preference for mountain biking over road biking). Thus, I conjured up a visit to one of my most thrilling childhood memories: the alpine slide at Park City.*
The thrill level varied dramatically across my rag tag group of travel companions. Summer was generally unimpressed since children under 2 were not allowed on the lifts. Kenny (Summer's uncle) chose a speedy sled and had quite the ride down the slide. Emily navigated the track at a speed that avoided thrills altogether but otherwise allowed her to enjoy the scenery (as well as the impatient sighs of the two children who caught up to her).
I, on the other hand, chose a slow sled** and had a ride that wasn't anything like I remembered from 20 years ago. After spending some time observing other patrons, I noticed that most adults seemed to be having fun by riding down with their incredibly thrilled toddlers. I suspect we'll be back in a couple of years so I can simultaneously scare and delight the infant phenomenon.

* Full disclosure -- If memory serves me well, my early experiences with the alpine slide were in Jackson Hole rather than in Park City.

** Just for the record, I didn't intentionally pick a slow sled. We couldn't tell which ones were slow and fast so mine was chosen at random.

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