Monday, June 02, 2008

hey, good lookin'

we knew this day would come eventually, we were just a bit unprepared for how soon. after only seven months on earth, summer has discovered its most dangerous inhabitants: boys (eek!).

it was a rather uneventful afternoon in sunday school. summer was sitting on the floor in front of me, happily playing with a few of her favorite toys, when he came by. with his swaggering crawl and sleek, sexy drool, how was a girl to resist?

immediately, summer dropped what she was doing, her breaths came quicker, her pulse increased and she SQUEALED with delight! seriously, i had never before seen my baby doll behave in such a way. yes, folks, summer is a shameless flirt.

her arms swung out and toddled giddily at her sides as she squealed and giggled, squealed and giggled in attempts to gain his attention. the young boy, five months summer’s senior, acted coy at first, checking out her goods (er, toys), and making off with a few before returning to examine her further. then finally, he crawled closer, he reached out to her and she to him and in true baby fashion, they gouged each other’s eyes.

so much for love at first, uh, sight.

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