Wednesday, June 04, 2008

summer gets sick

well, we held out as long as we could, but the evil rhinovirus (aka, the common cold) finally got to baby summer. now, i don't know who invented sick babies, but i wholly disagree with the concept. fever. aching. coughing. runny nose. not to mention crying-induced vomitting. and here's the clincher: nothing can be done. sure, a few drops of baby tylenol will take some of the edge off, but overall, we've just got to wait it out (thank goodness for satellite tv).

what's especially disheartening about an ill child is that none of the usual tricks will work. even my secret weapon (mommary glands) has proven less effective in calming summer. instead, i have spent most of the morning in and out of the shower -- the running water appears to lull summer to sleep and also relieve some of her congestion (and as an added bonus, it's been a good way to wash up after the vomitting).

my poor baby girl; she's really been handling her first illness like a champ.

and on the upside, one rhinovirus down--only 99 more to go!!


J to the oey said...

sorry to hear about the puke and buggars. I hope she is feeling better soon. YOU are a champ too! Sick babies are no fun.

James said...

Shes even a cutie when shes sick.