Friday, June 13, 2008

owen's wedding part deux

as promised, we returned to the desert for the second half of the young-bautista wedding party. and party we did! in fact, i partied so hard, i sprained my knee (note to self: do not jump around in four-inch heels).

this wedding had it all: family, friends, romance, elegance, delicious food, a live band, and -- of course -- a beautiful bride. the ceremony itself was only missing one thing: baby summer. she had to be escorted indoors, 1000 feet away from the wedding, so her screams would be out of earshot. but after being fed and returned to her mother's arms, she warmed up quite a bit to the experience and even slept for a few hours while the band played and mom and dad got their grooves on.

congratulations to owen and anna!!

the bride and groom.

summer and mom reunite.


the bautista boys.

summer enjoys the wedding feast.

uncle kenny entertains her.

father of the bride.

the belle of the ball.

much to her father's chagrin, summer begins planning her own wedding.

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