Thursday, April 18, 2013

tres und tres

on monday this week, bryan celebrated his thirty-third birthday. of course, he partied hard like every other grown-up his age by working.

all day long. all week long. all month long.

all. year. long.

luckily for him (and us), "working" is one of bryan's favorite things to do.

he's brilliant and he works hard.  but you guys already knew that. so here are five things about bryan that you might not already know:

1) he flosses almost every day.
2) he hates celery.
3) he doesn't like to play video games or computer games or even (young family gasp!) board games.
4) he pronounces cereal "sir-ee-ul."
5) he was intially going to be named "bryan michael," but his paternal grandmother thought perhaps he might go in to medicine one day and did not think it wise for his initials to be "BM," so he was named "michael bryan" instead.

incidentally, bryan just found out a guy in our ward at church had his first and middle names switched for the exact same reason.


happy birthday, babe. this one's for you:

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