Friday, April 19, 2013

tiptoe through the tulips

one of our family mottoes is "i can do hard things." 

but because our children are only five, three, and one, up until this point in their charmed little lives, they haven't had the opportunity to experience much hardship. 

so we decided to start small.

with the cold.

and the wind.

and the rain.

and the tulips.

yes, we dared to venture to mount vernon last weekend, in less than ideal conditions, to see the beautiful skagit county tulip festival.

let's just say the ladies were not impressed.

i'm going to level with you here, though: it was really cold. like, biting wind chill cold. like, don't take your hands out of your pockets cold. like, mere and opa d had to stay in the car cold.

so summer and afton cried a little and they whined (a lot), but still, they plodded along. 

because they can do hard things.

for sunnier days see here and here.

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