Friday, April 26, 2013


the traditional gift for a nine year anniversary is pottery.

so can you imagine bryan's excitement when i told him i'd planned for us to go to a local pottery painting studio to pick out and paint our very own pottery for one another?

he was thrilled. 

but he's a good sport, so he went a long with it anyway.  

when we went to pay, the cashier (an early college age girl), asked us if we would be paying separately or together.  i said together, then i told her that we were actually there celebrating our nine year wedding anniversary (aside: i was not wearing my wedding ring).  her jaw bout hit the floor -- she couldn't even contain an audible gasp.

i look young, i know, and with my head shaved, i look real young. plus, kids these days just aren't getting married much earlier than thirty, so i'm sure she thought, at most, we had been married for *negative* nine years.

i didn't dare tell her about the three rascally children we had waiting for us at home, lest she pass out right then and there.

ps - we're going back tomorrow to pick up our freshly fired and glazed ice cream bowls, so stay tuned for the big reveal!

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Anonymous said...

i can't take it any more. show us your bowls! :)