Friday, April 12, 2013

a year gone by

when the labor and delivery nurse held caleb for his first little baby examination one year ago, caleb reached out and grabbed her stethoscope.

she could not get him to let it go.

she tried to pry his fingers off. she tugged. she pulled. she finagled.

he prevailed.

caleb wants so much to be a part of the world around him. he wants to be in it. to be on it. to be active. to climb stuff, to taste stuff, to throw stuff, and most of all, to grab stuff.

he can say two words, "hi," which he says whenever he's on the phone or sees someone, and "uh-oh," which he says whenever he drops something (either on purpose or accidentally).

speaking of being on the phone, caleb loves the phone. one of the most adorable things ever, ever, ever is caleb holding a phone to his ear and pretending to talk to someone.

caleb also loves to stand, but he hasn't yet invested in walking. his favorite thing to do right now is the patented "stand and throw." it goes like: grab something, stand up, and then throw it. over and over and over again. good times!

caleb is healthy. he's big and aggressive and strong and involved. he has a great sense of humor and loves to be tickled and tossed and spun and rolled. he has pretty pale skin and piercing blue eyes and wispy blonde hair. such a beautiful boy.

our beautiful, one year old boy.

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