Saturday, April 28, 2012

sweet sixteen

days, that is.

i have been sitting here trying to think of something clever and unique to say about baby boy wheeler (who is, of course, totally clever and unique).

but honestly, my brain (my body. my eyes. my brain again.) is just too tired to be clever or unique at the moment, so the following perhaps unoriginal (but still super cool!) insights will have to do:

caleb sleeps. he eats. he loves to be held and never wants to be put down. he endures quite a bit of poking and prodding by summer and afton. and he gets his diaper changed. a lot.

he's soft and squishy and smells like baby (sweet and clean and still brand new).

he makes his momma break out into ridiculous songs (some are originals!)

and oh, how we love him.

we love the way he spits out his pacifier. we love the way he bleats like a goat when he wakes up. and the way he pees on his daddy.

we especially love how he stares off in to space and then suddenly comes to with a look on his face that's all suspicious and defensive and screams, "where am i? who are you? how did i get here? and what, pray tell, have you evil villains done with the flux capacitor!!"

or something to that effect.

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