Sunday, April 22, 2012

a birth story

every time i go to write out caleb’s birth story, it just doesn’t come to me the way i want it to.

before he was born, i read over what i had written after the births of summer and afton, and there was something that dissatisfied me in the details. something that didn’t quite capture the day. the moment. the feeling. the birth

so i could write about april 12th.

about how i finally gave in to the dirrty pitocin.

about how many centimeters i was dilated and at what time.

i could write about how fast my labor was.

about how many times i pushed.

about my very first experience with an epidural.

and i’m sure i will prattle on and on and on about caleb’s birth at book clubs and social gatherings and certainly at every baby shower i go to from here on out.

but not today.

today i want to let the birth -- that messy and raw and intimate embrace -- speak for itself.

11:59am on april 12, 2012:

welcome to the world, little michael caleb.

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amy said...

Emily I'm so happy for you! Did you know that I credit you (and that movie the business of being born) for convincing me that I could deliver a baby without an epidural? I will owe you forever for that! No matter if I have an epidural some time in the future, I owe you big time for teaching me it was possible. Thank you!