Saturday, April 07, 2012

bump watch

so here we are.

still incubating away.

i was so sure my baby would be born last week -- SO SURE -- that i had my mom change her plane ticket to come out earlier. things were progressing and ticking right along, i was experiencing regular and painful contractions (yes! pain!), i packed up the hospital bag to take to my doctor appointment, fully expecting to be admitted that day, and then...not.

the baby had decided to wait.

tricky baby. a wheeler baby for sure.

my doctor said, "i could send you downstairs [to labor and delivery], but they'd probably just end up giving you pitocin." dirrty pitocin.

i passed.

i was depressed for a day or so, but then i decided that hey, let's embrace the change of plans -- this is actually really great.

my mom is here. i get to take naps every afternoon. i no longer feel like selling the other children off to the circus. bryan and i get to go on dates whenever we have the whim. there are three sets of hands around to help with cooking and cleaning and organizing and unpacking and bathing and laundry and everything else. what an awesome way to end a pregnancy: refreshed, rejuvenated, reengergized!

so bring it on, baby wheeler.

bring it.

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Erin said...

You are wise to embrace this time...soon you will be spinning like a top with all the littlest that will need you. A good busy. Nothing you can't handle.