Sunday, April 22, 2012


well, the fab five (plus mere) finally made their first public appearance yesterday. we enjoyed a picnic in the park and ice cream cones in downtown duvall. caleb slept peacefully through it all, and as an added bonus, i got to discipline some rowdy neighborhood boys at the park: a spe-ci-al-i-ty of mine.

it was such a nice day, and while there's no question we love the warm sunshine around here, poor afton had a hard time enjoying herself with all that brightness in her eyes. so my mom came up with this great idea to use a paper towel as a makeshift bonnet for her.

it worked so well that i think we might have a new toddler fashion trend on our hands:

after we got afton set up with her new bonnet, bryan remarked, "californians would never be unprepared for the sun." 

true, we failed to bring hats and sunglasses for everyone, but we did bring rain jackets -- even though it was seventy degrees and not a cloud in the sky. i just can't help it. as a pacific northwesterner, i am inherently suspicious of nice weather.

and besides, now we know how to make a bonnet out of a paper towel. how many californians do you know who can do that?

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